Konoha Radio Show Is A Fanmade Adventure Made To Fit Into The World Of Naruto.

It First Started As A Talking Show Where 'The Episodes, Charactes And Pairings 'Were Discussed By Two OC's. In The Beginning These Were A Naruto-version Of Ourselfs, But Then They Developed And Ended Up As Own Individuales.

The First Character Was Made By Winny, And Was Given The Name Nelly Inuzuka. She Is An Unknown Relative To Kiba's Family, And Grew Up Far Away From Konoha. Nelly Is Often Seen As A Childish, Clmsy And Hyper (Sometimes Even Stupid) Character, But In Time We Learn That There Are Far More With Her Than First Expected.

Shimari Aburame

Shimari Is The Secound Character, And Was Made By Shima (Make Sure Not To Mix Those Names!) She Is Shinos Cousin, And A Rather Typical Aburame. However, She Has Sides Of Herself That Never Are Shown In Public.

While Working With Theese Two, We Discovered That There Were Needed More Cast, Mostly To Be Supporting Characters, But We Also Needed People That Would Gather Up The Red Threds.

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