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The Bear country is one of the few countries in the world which harbors a shinobi village. The exact location of the Bear Country is unknown but it is marked by many forests and mountains. A chakra-enhancing meteor hit the country-side approximately 200 years ago. Those who found the meteor referred to it as a fallen star. A hidden village developed in the country based around the usage of this meteor's powers. The border of the country is marked by a crevice with poison fumes at the bottom. This crevice and poison helps deter any outsiders from invading and stealing the meteor.

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Village Background:Edit

Hidden Star is a lower shinobi village, being allied with Leaf. However it has not yet participated in the Chuunin Exam with the other countries. The ninja of this village meditate around the chakra enhancing meteor, honing and enhancing their chakra. The village is small and must rely on outside help when their manpower is not enough. Because of the importance of the star, children in the village are given names related to stars and constellations at birth.

Village Leader:Edit

The current leader of Hidden Star is Akahoshi, who replaced Sandaime "Hoshikage" after his sudden death. The position of "Kage" comes even though the leader has not been recognized as such by the other Five Great Shinobi Nations. Most in the village believe the usage of the chakra enhancing meteor will make the village powerful enough to be on equal footing with the other five nations. Meaning it is only a matter of time before they are officially allowed to use the title "kage."

The SitesEdit


Village Aerial View:Edit

Hidden Star village is situated amongst the trees and mountains of the Bear Country.

Administration Building:Edit

This is the main administration building for Hidden Star Village. Current village leader Akahoshi works in this building.

Training Center:Edit

This training center was built at the bottom of the meteor's impact crater. The meteor itself is housed inside. Hidden Star ninja will sit around the meteor to meditate and enhance their abilities. Situated beside the training center are sleeping quarters.

Important To Know:Edit


Meteor Strike:Edit

Approximately 200 years ago, the chakra enhancing meteor struck the Bear Country. A training center was built inside the crater to house the meteor. Hidden Star ninja will sit around the meteor and meditate to gain its chakra enhancing abilities.


Poison Gas Crevice:Edit

This crevice runs along the border of the Bear Country. At the bottom is a mist of poison gas. The gas is to deter outside persons from attempting to invade the country and take the meteor.